Monday, August 30, 2010

Grass is growing!

So it isn't really the season to be growing grass...but so be it! Jocelyn planted grass in a cup and made it look like a person. Sean already had to give it a haircut. We had a lot of fun watching his hair grow...sometimes it would even grow a bit over naptime!

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  1. cute! I love the pictures of the kids, too

    thanks for the comment on my blog (do you have an email address where I can email you back?) Normally how it works is that our kids go to the nursery during Sunday School - and they both do well in their respective rooms. Then after SS we pick them up for the service - usually with no problem (Thomas the Tank Engine was the problem this week). Then Tristan usually sits in the service well, playing quietly. Isaac usually wants to walk around (understandable; if I'd just learned to walk, I'd want to walk too) so I usually take him out to the foyer (where there is a tv to listen to the service). We just didn't know if we should leave the kids in the nursery until after the service was over. We're thinking we may as well leave Isaac in the nursery since we go out with him every week. But usually Tristan does well so I think we'll keep taking him. And we've taken both to services since they were born so it's not a new thing - just a bad week (I hope?).