Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our family band!

My husband is such a funny person...a few weeks ago when I was away in Missouri with the kids and he was home alone, bored, he went shopping. My husband is a huge impulse buyer. I think I am used to it by now. I get home and noticed, hmmm he got a new guitar bag...cute! Maybe he is getting his guitars out...the collection of guitars that have been gathering dust for many years now in our master bedroom closet. No, it wasn't just a new guitar bag, it was a new guitar. Again, I am ok with it. He can go out and buy whatever his little heart desires (within reason..ok drugs, porn, things like that are not ok) but toys, I am fine with. Anyways, he used to play the guitar growing up during church and is a self taught player. His uncle down in Missouri plays in their church and is always entertaining our kids and family with gospel hymns. We have such a good time singing along and the kids just love it. So Sean has been working hard in the evenings learning new songs that the girls love. He even made this really funny joke about how we need to keep having more kids so we can have a nice little family band and a few extras to work as the backstage crew-- or if some didn't turn out talented. Funny...:) I know nothing about how to play the guitar, but Sean can just pick out a song and you can actually tell what song he is playing. This afternoon after a little bit of work he was strumming the tune to the girl's new favorite song. Right now as I type this blog post he is listening to one of my favorite songs "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me and playing only. Amazing little fingers.
So here is a picture of the start of "The McGee Family Band."

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