Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our trip to Las Vegas

A little over a month ago, Sean called me from work and said we needed to think about flying somewhere before March or his frequent flyer miles were going to expire. The perks of frequent flier miles…they force you to use them or you lose them. Kind of frustrating since ideally we would love to save them for a big trip somewhere and with having another baby in 3 months our time frame was quiet limited. Sean mentioned Las Vegas, but left the ultimate decision up to me. I researched and researched and the outcome ended up being Las Vegas. We had limited weekends available and didn’t want to fly all day. So Las Vegas. I had been there before in 2003. There are good things and bad things about Las Vegas. Unfortunately the bad out ways the good (in my opinion). Don’t get me wrong, we had a wonderful time…away from the kids, sight seeing, taking scenic drives. There are various hotels that depict certain places around the world like Venice, New York City, Paris etc. Those are always neat to see. The Bellagio—one of our favorites-- was fabulous. Sean said if we end up in Vegas again we need to look into staying there. We rented a car at the last minute and drove to Red Rock Canyon National Park and took a 13 mile scenic drive. That was so pretty! We went to Lake Mead the next day. The water was so blue (quiet different from here in Nebraska). We took a quick trip to Hoover Dam. What a sight! We didn’t want to walk in the 109 degree heat, so we just got out of our car really quick to look at it. We also spent time on the strip. I am not sure how people justify bringing their kids to Vegas. You might as well just hand them a pornographic magazine and let them take a gander. The street corners were full of solicitors handing out cards and magazines with naked women on them. Billboards were all over advertising shows that featured the cast in very provocative poses. There were prostitutes hanging out on the streets…apparently it is legal. It is possible to stay off the main street and go through the back of the hotels and you could miss most of that junk, but then you don’t get to see the front of the hotels, so we just put up with it. So if you do go to Veg as, be prepared and I wouldn’t even consider bringing a child/teenager there…or you will have a lot of explaining to do. All in was nice to get away from the little munchkins for a while, because it will be a long time before we can go somewhere without them. That is ok...we miss them when we are gone.

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