Tuesday, May 17, 2011

60 Day Body Challenge: Complete and Goal Met!

The 60 day body challenge that I signed up for...is FINALLY over!!! Yay!!!!  I think I may have developed some good habits..only time will tell.  It was a fun little journey with 32 other VERY motivated ladies.  We shared stories on our progress and motivated each other through Facebook.  I e-mailed my accountability partner Inna everyday with what I was up to and she e-mailed me what she worked on for the day. I am not sure I would have continued on without her motivating me and giving me such kind words of encouragement each day.  Obviously our goal....along with everyone else was to place 1st or at least in the top 5.  First place received $800!  I got a sneak peak at a few of my friends the day before the weigh-in and I knew my chances at placing in the top 5 were not looking so good.  Everyone looked FABULOUS!  But you know what...I am proud of myself.  I exceeded my goal of losing 15 lbs.  I feel a lot better about myself and I placed 9th out of 32....not so shabby....now if I can only find shorts or capris that actually fit....that is my next mission.  It is just a bit tricky trying to shop and concentrate with four kiddos in tow...so if I am sagging next time you see me...please don't make fun of me:)  Thanks I appreciate it!
PS...just to give you an idea of the spread for the top 10.... First place lost 16.61% of their total weight...5th 11.64...me 9.806 (16.2 lbs.)

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