Thursday, May 12, 2011

Butterflies and the last week of school!!

So I lied in my last’s week post…I said we had two more weeks of school left..I really meant to say 1.   Well my goal was two weeks, but Jocelyn finished up with her reading program faster than I had anticipated and it is just getting so nice outside that it is hard to stay focused and stay indoors.  So we are done!!!!  Bring on the summer!!! Yay!!!

Anyways, my goal for this summer will be to continue having Jocelyn read stories.  I am hoping to sign her up for the summer reading program at the library.  I also made 50 flashcards with addition and subtraction problems on them.  She will be completing those through out the summer to reinforce carrying numbers.  It honestly will be hard for me to get out of the school mode…I love the structure that it gives us for our day.  Our days go a lot smoother when we have structure and I am a lot less grouchy…and the kids are more well behaved.  So we will see.  You might still see some school related posts over the summer….we will see!
 This week we finished up our butterfly unit and did a few outdoor water activities.  Last week if you remember we watched our caterpillar’s turn into the chrysalis and they were hanging in their cocoons.  I was hoping that by the time we were done with school this week we would have butterflies…and yes we did!!!!!!  All 6 of the butterflies emerged from their cocoons within 24 hours of each other.  What a sight to see.  Jocelyn and I even witnessed one emerging!  It was amazing.  I got it on video…and it is posted below.  It is a little hard to see through the netting using a camera.  Jocelyn would like to see these butterflies hatch eggs and then start the process over.  We will see.  
Right before our first butterfly emerged we discussed butterflies using an iBook application that I bought for my iPad.  It had some great pictures and some really fascinating facts about butterflies.  Did you know some can travel up to 3000 miles!  Amazing!  The kids then made butterfly windmills:
Weston looking on during school!

I made them a fun butterfly lunch. 
 We then worked on measurements.  The kids took turns shooting their water guns and then measured who shot the farthest and recorded their results.  Easton won the first round (with the help of me).  Jocelyn won the second round. 

Katelyn and Easton measuring
Jocelyn recording her results
Weston hanging out in the shade!
We also painted with water on the driveway.
 And Jocelyn made a sign saying that no butterflies are allowed...really don't get it...she loves having our butterflies and has begged not to let them go.

And another cute family picture.

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