Friday, May 20, 2011

A look back and forward!

This school year has been great!  We have had so much fun as a family learning, exploring, and trying new things.  At the beginning of the school year my goal was to have fun with the kids…and have them learn at the same time.  I think my mission was accomplished.  Our main goals for Jocelyn was to focus on the Bible, reading, and math.  I think she has done pretty well in those areas.  For Katelyn we wanted her to work on basic Bible stories, writing, beginning math, and reading.  She has blossomed into an excited little learner.  Our goal for Easton, was to take part in our activities and just take it all in.  I am even more excited for next year as the kids will continue to learn new things and we will be joining a coop with a few local friends.  In some ways I am excited to have a little break over the summer, but I am eager to get the new school year rolling.  Lots of planning to do over the summer, as I am still trying to narrow down what curriculum…if any…I will be using for Jocelyn as she enters into 1st grade!  Eeek!  She is getting so big!

Here is a review (in pictures) of a few fun things we worked on this past school year!  Enjoy and have a great summer!!
Had to include our new arrival in the mix!

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