Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Choo Choo Soul!

 This last week I took our three oldest kids to see Choo Choo Soul in concert.  Before the concert there was a Famfest celebration that included free Runza dinners, pop, and cookies...yum!  There was also face painting, a bounce house, games, a musical station, and a dunk tank.  The kids had a fun time going from station to station.  
Easton in the bounce with a few friends- Eli & Korben
Katelyn having fun!
Easton found the balloons
Jocelyn at the coloring station
Jocelyn playing match the choo choo game
Easton cheating and he still doesn't get it right...oh well!
Katelyn cheating...and she doesn't get it right either.
We then enjoyed the show!  The girls danced and sang to their favorite Choo Choo Soul songs.  When Jocelyn was little she used to go crazy  when the Choo Choo Soul videos came on TV.  I DVR'ed them so she could watch them over and over again.  We don't watch as many cartoons here as we used to, so Katelyn and Easton were not familiar with who exactly this team was, but they recognized the songs from our CD.  We had tons of fun!!  (and thanks Megan for keeping Weston...and Sean for letting us enjoy these family activities...and Renee for posting your neighbors tickets on fb)

The kids got their autograph and picture taken with the crew after the show!

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