Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lincoln Children's Zoo and country road snapshots

One of our favorite places to go is the Lincoln Children's Zoo.  It is small enough that you can get through all of the exhibits in about an hour and a half.  It makes for a really nice after nap time activity...because hardly anyone is there...and because since they close at 5pm, you can use that as your excuse for having to leave so soon and not stay too long looking at each animal.  There are quiet a few kid friendly stops along the way including a sand pit, pony and train rides, a spider web climber, rock wall, playground, and a dinosaur dig.  There are quiet a few trees covering the paths, so it feels like you are just taking a stroll in the park.  I love this place!  Here are few pictures from our recent visit to the zoo....and a few other stops on the way home.

Way too cold....
Buffalo at Pioneers Park
Family....not the best...but I tried.

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