Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dreaming of Summertime!

I CAN NOT WAIT for summer to officially begin!  I am so tired of having the kids' winter clothes 1/2 packed away. Getting them out and then putting them away.  Getting them out again and then putting them away AGAIN....watching my little guy wear pants way too short for him...just because I am too cheap to go buy him a pair that actually is getting kind of depressing.  We have had a few nice days around here...a few even reaching in the upper 90's!  I took advantage of one nice day...even though it was super windy out to snap a few pictures of the kids outside.  
I then hooked up the sprinkler frog and the kids had a ton of fun running through it and playing in the water...and playing in the!  After an hour of playing our play area became pretty shady and the kids were shivering...even though it was 96 degrees outside!  
Things to look forward too...this is a project that my husband is working on.  It will take a while to complete, so we all have to be patient...but it is the start of a play fort/tower swing set for the kids.  We are all really excited! 

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