Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2nd day of summer vacation with the kiddos!

During our second full day of our visit to Missouri, (see yesterday's post for our first day), we visited a pool in Ava, Missouri.   The kids had a fun time splashing around.  Weston was pretty upset that we had to leave and when we got all dressed up in our street clothes, he took a b-line out of the locker room and hopped right back into the pool.  Loveliness.

 After we finished swimming, I took the kids to a local drug store.  Rumor had it, that the ice cream was only .05 a scoop!  Who could resist that!  The kids loved the ice cream!  I loved the old soda fountain look...and the few bites I stole from Weston.

That evening we visited the Arnall family and the kids played on the farm.  They always have a good time there!

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