Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Working!!

Last week I shared that we would be started our Summer BINGO game.  The kids have been awesome little sports when I tell them that it is BINGO time!  Easton has also been eager to fill up his board...he even tried to get stickers that were on his sissies boards...liked pulling weeds....he did such a good job he pulled all of the weeds and corn.  So Jocelyn and I had to replant.  He also took his vacuuming outside and vacuumed up rocks and mud!!  What a good helper...and then neglected to tell us that he left the vacuum outside...we found it after 2 days of rain.  Anyways, he is a good helper...but sometimes causes a bit of chaos.

Today the girls both chose to do their "kids in the kitchen" square.  I have this little recipe book and they both chose things with ingredients that we don't have around wheat germ.  I have no clue what that even is.  So we need to plan a little bit ahead with these recipes.  I found a recipe off of Pinterest for cinnamon pretzels for Jocelyn and  Katelyn chose to do little fruit pops.  We didn't have the fruit listed, so we just improvised.

They ended up with a little burnt flavor.  Jocelyn didn't like them, but everyone else did.  We may have cooked them for a bit too long.  The recipe said 30 minutes, but since these were mini's we probably should have only done 15.

She added orange juice, frozen strawberries, and raspberry yogurt!

Easton completed a puzzle for a sticker
BINGO boards so far!
and Jocelyn has the first BINGO!!!
and she gets a pack of gum!!!

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