Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 4: Summer vacation with the kiddos!

On day 4 of our summer vacation (days 1-3 are in this weeks previous posts) we visited a little village in the middle of nowhere in Mansfield, Missouri.  It was about 15 minutes away from Sean's family.  This family started selling heirloom seeds and since then have rebuilt a replica of an old town.  There is a bakery, restaurant, little shops that sell homemade goodies and crafts, a pretend jail, barn, gardens, quiet a few animals, and a seed shop.  It was a quiet day when we visited, but on special days, they have people showing how to do different crafts like make soap, sweaters, and other things.  They also have a restaurant that is free...but you are encouraged to donate whatever you feel is fit.  It is called Baker can check out their link:  HERE.

 After we visited Baker Creek, we took some nice...LONG...well needed naps and then the kids ran around outside and played with the puppies.  We enjoyed a weanie and smores roast and packed for an early morning departure!

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