Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 3: Summer vacation with the kiddos!

Our 3rd day of our summer vacation (I posted days 1 & 2 in the two previous posts) we headed down to Forsyth, Missouri.  It is right outside of Branson.  Our goal was to meet baby Ellison (my new little niece born 6 weeks ago).  The kids played forever at McDonalds (sorry no pictures) and enjoyed shaved ice...again no pictures.  I guess I enjoyed visiting too much. After we visited Sean's family in Forsyth we headed down to the Landing in Branson.  If you have not visited Branson and live within a days drive (yes, I am talking about you--Nebraska folk) you are crazy.  There is sooooooo much too do down there.  Click here for my reasons:  HERE.  I would definitely recommend adding it to your vacation calendar...between the months of April-December.  It is a ghost town during January-mid-March. Anyways, we had a lovely dinner at Old Chicago and watched a water and fire show on the lake.  So much fun!
The kids and I...the best we could get.
Tried to capture a picture of the water and fire show...a bit hard...but you get the point!
Cousins at the fountain!

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