Monday, June 25, 2012

The funny things he says....

Our girls are staying with my parents for a few days, so it has just been my boys and I.  Because the girls aren't here to talk non-stop, Easton has gotten in a few more conversations with me.  Here are a few funny things he has said/done today:

--While on a bike ride today (boys in bike trailer), I made it up one of our ginormous hills.  Afterwards Easton started clapping and cheering...and said, "Yay mommy you did it."  Nice encouragement I guess.

--He also asked:  "When I am a mommy, can I ride a bike just like yours?". 

--He asks this everyday:  "Can we vacuum?"  My response is usually not today.  "Can we vacuum tomorrow?"  My response is usually, we will see.  Then he asks "Can we clean the bathrooms?"

--I asked him what he wanted for lunch...I expected his normal dogs.  After I told him we weren't going to have hot dogs and asked what else he would like...he said, "a salad".  Um.  Ok....sounds good to me!

--"Can I go watch TV outside?"  I asked him how he was going to do that and he pointed to the grill and said, "see right there, I can watch TV right there?".

--We usually don't have the TV on during the day, but since the girls are gone...why not?  I was folding laundry and he was watching a show called Super Why.  The show asks the viewer to identify letters.  A lowercase "l" came on the screen....he got in a long drawn out argument with the TV about how it looks like a big I.  Kind of sweet.

Ok...that isn't much, but we have had a nice little time without the girls.

Quote from the baby pretty much all morning...."Night night?"  He can not wait for naptime.  Poor guy fell asleep last night playing in the upstairs hallway.  He sure loves his naps!

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