Friday, June 29, 2012

USA Postcard Swap-- almost complete!

This past semester we participated in a homeschool family postcard swap.  It was coordinated by Erica over at Confessions of a Homeschooler blog.  (Thanks Erica for your work with kids and I really enjoyed it!) Every day that we went to the post office the girls and I were eager to see if we had a new postcard.  We loved reading about the different states and seeing the pictures on some of the postcards.  Some of the fun facts led us to dive a little deeper as we discussed each state. 

Did you know that: 

Las Vegas, Nevada has more hotel rooms than any other place on earth?  It would take over 300 years to sleep in every hotel room.


that Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee.


that Iowa's Burlington Snake Alley is the most crooked street in the world


that Rochester, New York is home to marshmallows, Jell-O, French's Mustard, baby shoes, gold teeth, and the mail chute?


that Kearney, Nebraska is located exactly between Boston and San Francisco?

As we received the postcards the girls colored the state on their maps.

We received 38 state postcards out of the expected 50.  Kind of bummed that some families didn't follow through.

So if you are from the following states or know someone that resides in one of these states...and would like to send us a postcard with some fun state facts...let me know and I will send you our address.  In return, we will send you a fun postcard from Nebraska!

New Jersey
North Carolina
North Dakota

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  1. Hi ! We live in Warren , Arkansas :) it's a small town in the south eastern part of the state .. Here is my address - Jennifer Perry 1734 Bradley Rd 32 Warren, Ar 71671