Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a little dreaming going on!

We have lived in our house for 6 years now!  Time flies when you are having fun!  We have had 3 kids in this house.  Bought a dog.  Created quiet a few memories...and my hubby has done A LOT of work to make things the way that we like them.  A LOT of work. 
Our house when we first moved in...and our old X-terra!
 We fell in love with our house when we started our house hunting process 6 years ago.  We loved the large yard and wooded area behind our house.  We loved the space.  Not to small, not to large.   We loved the extra storage areas.  We loved the quiet little town.  We loved the price and the fact that our taxes are extremely low compared to other counties.  There was a lot to love...but there was a lot left to be desired. 

So each year my husband has been working hard on making it our home.  As I was dreaming this weekend about all the projects I would like for him to complete, I had to take a step back and think about how hard he has worked on things already.  His work has become busier and busier...and he is traveling a lot more time is I must have patience with my dreams. 

I wish I could do home improvement projects by myself since I am home during the day.  I have some handy friends who can do these things...but I frankly am no good at repairs. 

So this is his first project.  He is probably going to recruit a friend to this will be a major reno that really can't be messed up.  We had termites this fall!  Yuck!  We noticed little holes all over our entrance foyer walls...then we traced them all the way up and into the kids toyroom.  Sure enough...those little buggers are quiet common in our town...and state.  So we had to pay bucko bucks to kill them and now we are left with the repairs.  So drywall is going to have to be torn out and we will have to repaint our walls. 

That leads to the next possible project....walls.  Our wall color is REALLY boring. (according to my husband). 
can you see it?  It isn't that is really light.
I am ok with the boring-ness...but he would like to darken things up a bit.  So if we are having to repaint because of the termites...we might as well paint the whole main floor of our house...right?  We have these tall vaulted that will be quiet a project.  As we are painting our walls...our ceilings need to be painted as well.  Fun stuff!  We had to have our roof replaced due to a storm and they didn't seal up the shingles like they were supposed we have water lines on our ceiling.  I just try not to look up:) 

Here is a possibility for the husband picked out the yellowy one...I picked out the lighter brown.  Thoughts?
The one of the right is a light brown...looks grey in the picture.
Then there is lighting in our living room and dining room..  The builder put in the absolute cheapest things in our house.  Our lighting is discoloring in a lovely yellowish shade...and 3 of the lights no longer work...might be electrical...might be the bulbs...who knows...they are too high for a quick change.
My dream lighting is two sets of these....we want to change things to a rubbed bronzed looked.
Then there is our ugly ceiling fan...that attracts a lot of dust.  It is nice to have a ceiling fan and extra lights...

Here is one of the options for replacement.  Still trying to decide on this one.  So many cool fans out there.
We would also like to replace our lighting in our dining area and over our bar.  Here is what is over our table right now...
 and this is my dream.
 We have this over our bar...we might paint it a bronze color or look for something else.  Can't find anything yet.
Then there is our lovely kitchen.  We did things backwards with this room.  We replaced our black laminate counters that were peeling with a nice quartz counter top, but left them on white pealing cabinets. 

 What on earth where we one of these days (I told my hubby by the end of the year on this one) we need to get new cabinets.  Here is what we were thinking.  Thoughts?
and then there is the kids bathroom.  Yikes....I have repainted it two times already.  I still don't like the color. 
 We found a really pretty midnight blue color with sparkles of some sort in it. 
 Bought it (a few years ago) and I ordered a really cool flower tree Uppercase Living expression to climb one of the walls, but before we paint, we need to replace the countertops, fix the vanity, and replace the lighting since one of the sockets no longer work.  We are stuck with the vanity...the measurements of the room are off...(that is the story of our house), so my hubby will have to mend the we won't have this extra space anymore.

Apparently they didn't have a measuring tape handy when building our house...they even had to cut down two baths just to fit in the given space.
This is the sink that my hubby really likes.  Faucets...still TBD.
 and here is what I was thinking for the replacement for the countertop...a little darker color.
 Here is the current lighting.  Yuck.
Here is a possible replacement.  We are pretty limited due to what might be behind the current lighting.  Looking for a quick easy replacement, without a lot of patching. 
and then last but not least...well last for now I our downstairs bedroom.  We are hoping to convert it into a school room next year.  Right now we do school in our toyroom, but next year we are hoping to move downstairs.  I want space to set up Jocelyn's laptop...and leave it...I want to be able to put school books on shelves...and leave them...but since the kids play unattended in the toyroom...they get into everything.  It will be nice to be able to shut the door when school is not in session next year and not have to worry.  So here is the wall that I intend to paint. 

I have a fun pattern that I am going to attempt...with these colors.
So that is all for now...overwhelming just thinking about everything...but patience...nothing HAS to be done right this minute...they are just dreams for now that are bookmarked away.

Any thoughts?  I am not an expert when it comes to home decorating ideas!!

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