Monday, August 5, 2013

Some things just don't go as planned...

Ever worked for something and then it just doesn't go as planned?  I am sure we have all been in situations where things just don't end up as we had envisioned.

I have been working up to running a 10k race with my friend Reece.  We both needed a 10k time to enter in for an upcoming fall relay.   Omaha Running Club was hosting a 10k around a local lake, so we were both excited to see how we would do.  I have run many 10k's on my this shouldn't have been a problem to finish.  I was already ok with the fact that this race typically has a faster pool of I would probably get in as one of the last five finishers.  I had come to terms with that.

My plan for the week before was to just take it easy to I would hurt myself.  I did a quick run the Monday prior and then lifted some weights.  On Tuesday my right knee started hurting.  I didn't think anything of it.  On Wednesday it got worse.  Thursday and Friday it was even worse.  I iced it.  Massaged it.  Took Ibuprofen.  I needed an adjustment but it was too late to get in for that.  I talked with running friends and family about what I should do about this upcoming race and the consensus was to try to not screw it up anymore and try to save myself for the fall.

So I am really bummed.  This wasn't my original plan.  I wanted to start with Reece...even though I knew she would be way ahead of me after 10 seconds.  I taped my knee up with K-tape...thanks to some guidance from Youtube vidoes.  I couldn't feel the pain in my knee the morning of.

I downgraded my run to the separate 2 mile run and felt really good while running it.  No knee pain at all.  There were some fasties in the race, so I ended up getting 9th out of 16 runners.  Second in my age group.  I am happy with how I did on this run.  The hills were a killer...who ends a race on an uphill anyways?  I improved my time from when I first started running a year ago. 

My friend Reece rocked her first 10k race!  She was Mrs. Speedy!  I am so proud of her! 

So now my focus will be getting my knee healed!  I am hoping to get into the chiropractor and see what he can do.  I also hope to find a new pair of running shoes.  I have 2 months to get healthy for my relay race!  My team is depending on me to run!!

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  1. I am glad your knee pain wasn't an issue on the 2 mile. Just think how much more faster you will be when the relay race is here too!