Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer vacation...or fall...whatever:)

I think I may be safe to say that summer has been over for quiet some time.  I think our calendar is screwed up and we are now celebrating fall.  Pull out the cardigans and hot chocolate.  I am ready to get to the pumpkin patch!:) 

We headed to Missouri for one big last extended hoorah!  It was filled with cousin time, birthday parties, and just relaxing!

We started off in Hartville to visit family.  We attended a birthday party for the kids' cousins. 
 Our kids got a few presents from a few relatives as well earlier in the day to celebrate their year in birthdays.  I thought that was very sweet.
They had a cousin sleepover and played games and swum the next day!
Our kiddos love, love hanging out with their cousins.  They never get tired of each other.
 and we tried out a lovely little chair in one of their yards:)
After we stayed in Hartville for a few days, we headed up to a lake house on Lake of the Ozarks.  The area received 16 inches in a matter of a week.  The water was still nice and warm for us to swim and fish in.
Here is Weston catching his first fish.
The kids enjoyed feeding these little visitors!
While Sean went out fishing one morning, I took the kids to Bridal Cave.  The story behind it is amazing.  It started off with just 3 rooms and in 1993 they uncovered 4 more rooms.  The last room has a little lake and somehow someone had been there before because there was a really old ladder at the bottom of the leg..made with pegs, not nails.  Fascinating.

and they panned for gold...with the leftovers from someone else...because I am a cheapskate!
and we visited an old castle.  It burned down in the earlier 1900's. It is on HaHa Tonka State park!
and now we are back home for 2 days...head out of town again...attempt to start school on Monday and then head back to Branson next week.  Busy, busy, busy.

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