Monday, August 19, 2013

Our life is about to get a little crazy....

So we are moving and it isn't to Omaha.  No I am not one friend totally thought I was.  I have told quiet a few close friends, family, and neighbors over the past week.  If I didn't get to you...I am sorry and I know this is an extremely impersonal way of sharing the news.  I will try not to cry while I write this, because I really do like our house, life, homeschool family, neighbors, and local friends. 

So to answer the millions of questions that people have asked me over the past is the hopefully I don't have to repeat myself another million times!

1.  My hubs got a new job.

2.  Was he looking?  Kind of, even though he still had a job.  He had recruiters calling him non-stop...for jobs all around the United States.  He really wanted to stay local, but in his line of is slim pickings.

 He had a recruiter intern call him out of the blue about a job in Omaha....not even knowing he was kind of looking.  He had no clue who Sean was and hadn't even seen his resume.   He was randomly calling plant managers in the area.  Sean sent him over his resume and got a call back about a different job in Grand Island, Nebraska.

3.  Where is Grand Island?  It is a town of around 45,000 exactly 1 hour and 10 minutes from our current home.  I can't tell you much else...because I don't know a lot about the town. 

4.  Where is he going to be working?  I can't write out the actual name of the company just in case one of his new 700 employees google his name or their own companies name and find this post.   If you can read our t-shirts above, you are a winner. But let's just say this job is basically his "dream" job.  It has to do with making ammunition and all sorts of things revolving around that field.   No he can't give free handouts of the product.  He is EXTREMELY excited about the opportunities that this job will offer.  He starts the day after Labor Day.  He will be at his current job until the Friday before Labor Day.

5.  Will he still travel?  Yes.  He is actually still traveling this week for his current job...and he was asked to find himself a replacement...who does that??  So weird.  Anyways, he will have to travel with this new job...but it will be for fun stuff and stuff he actually enjoys...and if he doesn't invite yours truly to some of these great adventures...I might get a bit jealous!

6.  Why are we moving if it is only an hour and ten minutes away?  Have you ever lived in Nebraska in the winter time and traveled on I-80 in the snow?  Enough said.  Plus he has to live close so he can be at work at a moments notice.

7.  When are we actually moving?  I don't know yet.  We are getting ready to put our house on the if you know any one interested in small town living yet still close to Lincoln, NE...let me know!!  We will sell first and once we get a contract we will start looking either in the communities surrounding Grand Island or Grand Island itself.  If we can't find something we will rent a house and build somewhere.  So it could be a few weeks or a few months...we just don't know.  Pray that our house sells fast and the transition goes smoothly.

8.  Homeschooling!  We are starting school thank goodness for the flexibility that we are allowed!  In the new area, I am getting ready to join a Coop and mom's group.  I am really looking forward to that!  The Mom's meetings start in a few weeks and the Coop starts in October.  They also have monthly field trips.

9.  Church.  We are planning on driving as much as we can to Omaha to go to church.  I know people don't get what a church family is until they are in a real church family.  That is our plan as of right now.  I don't know where God will lead us otherwise.

So...please, please, please pray for all of us.  We will be traveling quiet a bit in the next month.  Sean will be starting a new job.  We are starting back up with school.  We are listing our house and hopefully finding a new one.  If that doesn't add up to a lot of stress I don't know what does.  I know God's timing isn't always our please also pray for patience for all of us!



  1. Happy to keep you guys in prayer, Julie! I know EXACTLY how overwhelmed and emotional you are feeling right now, and I also know how God always goes before us when we follow His leading in our lives. He will provide all that you need, every step of the way, in His perfect timing. It excites me to hear that you are already able to plug in to your new community before you move, and I have no doubt that you will continue to seek out and build new relationships all along the way - you are great at that! Congrats to your hubby on this new opportunity and may God richly bless all of your future adventures. I am believing for His hand to move in mighty ways in your life! Hugs to you!
    P.S. If you need to talk, I'm here. :)

    1. Thanks Stacy! That means a lot to me! I have realized that a lot of my friends have moved away and have survived and are making it! This is nothing new...just a new adventure for us!