Friday, August 23, 2013

Our first week of school!

Well we started our first week back at school on Monday!  It was without a lot of bells and whistles...kind of hard to get back into the swing of things since summer has decided to make an appearance again!

I have had friends warn me that it will be difficult to maintain a regular homeschool schedule while trying to get the house ready to sell.  They are so right!  So we did what you could say a "part-time" homeschool week.  We did Math and Spelling for all 4 days with the girls.  We did a little bit of Bible, Science, Reading, Language Arts, and Writing.  I won't be able to do every subject every day, but I am trying to mix and match each day.

Easton is in the loop more this year.  He wants to learn how to read.  We started with the -at words and he caught on pretty well. 

We reviewed his phonics as well.  I laid cards out and said a sound.  He handed me the card that matched my sound.
I had him practice his new words as I called them out, he wrote them.
He also had to form his new words with letter blocks.
I didn't get very many pics of the girls, because we really didn't do anything overly exciting this week.  We studied the new Caldenonian Crow this week.  Interesting stuff!  I am trying a new notebooking thing this year, that I will share with you as we get that altogether.

Kate started her new Teaching Textbooks Math program this year.  She hasn't really used the computer all that much up until now.  So teaching her how to use the mouse has been kind of tricky...she is a lefty and I kind of forgot that I needed to accommodate for her...oops.  My dad gave us a laptop for the kids to use, so both of the girls can do Math at the same time and my own laptop doesn't get tied up with the kiddos.  She loves Math, so I am excited to see that she likes the new program.
and then we enjoyed one afternoon with a few friends at the Lincoln Children's museum!  Fun times!
and we enjoyed the pool one afternoon.
and we enjoyed the lake another afternoon.  Sean got up on his skis after 20+ years since the last time he skiied.  I am learning how to drive the boat so we can do more of these is quiet scary I tell ya!
 So maybe it isn't just the moving that is distracting me...summer is still in full swing!

Oh and if you know someone that wants to purchase our lovely house...please send them our way.  I talked with the realtor gal last night and will hopefully list soon...unless someone wants to buy it before we sign on with her!

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