Monday, July 28, 2014

Celebrating our birthday girls!

Last summer when we broke the news to the girls that we were moving to a different town, they were both nervous about making new friends.  I assured them, that we would do our best to make at least one friend to play with.  I didn't really know how that would happen at the time, but we prayed that the Lord would provide us with an easy transition for the big change in our lives.  I prayed for the girls, because I know that friends are an important part of their lives. 

This year when their birthdays rolled around, I told them that since this is our first year here, that we could have a little combo party for them.  They had a hard time narrowing down their list of friends, so I guess we decided to go big or go home....  They share a lot of the same friends, so that helped as well.  All in all, we had 25 little munchkins running around our house last Friday.  It was a bit crazy, but everyone seemed to have a fun time!  Thank you to those who drove 2+ hours to get here!  That meant a lot!

In my usual birthday tradition, I make the kids' cakes.  They both  agreed to have a zebra themed cake.  Jocelyn at first wanted a candy themed cake and Katelyn a zebra.  I said I couldn't do both, so Jocelyn agreed to switch as long as it was a two tiered cake.  So I agreed.  These were not the best cakes that I have made...but they were really tasty.

I made the inside look zebra-y!

I set up a photo booth for the girls.  They had fun dressing up.  I didn't get a picture of all of their friends.  Some didn't want to take part and most didn't want to dress up.  That is ok, I got a few good pics of most of them.  I plan on printed out the non-blurry ones and giving them to their friends. 

The girls also went on a scavenger hunt around the yard, finding easter eggs.  Each egg had a clue that led them to the next egg.

Another crazy idea I had was to make our own pinatas.  They actually turned out quiet well, I just didn't know how to hang them properly.  My girls painted them to go with the party theme.  We stuffed it with candy and tickets.

The girls were quiet strong when hitting the pinata and not every girl got to take a swing.  I ended up throwing the loot at them and they had fun gathering it up.

The party goers then added up their tickets and could buy prizes with those tickets. 

We enjoyed cake and ice cream.

The kids need absolutely no toys, so we put in the invite that gifts were not required.  If they wanted to bring a gift, no toys, but school supplies were highly recommended.  Some may have found that lame, but the girls have been busy ever since with their new school supplies.

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