Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Colorado Springs: Rocky Mountain National Forest

Our last two stops on our Colorado vacation were Denver and then Rocky Mountain National Forest. We never seem to have a lot of time to drive through the forest. One day I hope we can stay right there and hike/explore it like crazy for a few days.

Our first stop at RM was Bear Lake. We could have had the option to walk around it or take a longer hike to see a waterfall. It was hot and we didn't have a lot of food with us, so we just looked at the prettyblake and went on our way. Next time...we will explore!

We then drove up to the top visitors center, but not without a few stops along the way.

Some to just take pics and enjoy the scenery.

One stop to play in the snow.

Some to enjoy the wild life.

We visited the visitors center at the top for a bit. Sean climbed to the very top with the kids. Check out the weather in the background. We didn't have any rain except for a few sprinkles, but there were definetly some storms the day we were there.

The previous week two people died from being struck by lightning. While we were there we saw a lady lying on the side of the road with paramedics. Turned out she had died as well.

Such a neat place. Can't wait to go back!

While in Denver we traded off the kids with my parents. The first night we had the girls. We visited IKEA, the American Girl Doll store and Cheesecake factory. Sean got in a really good bike ride and the girls got in a good swim at the Hyatt's pool.

The night we had the boys...we were all so tired when we got back to the hotel, we went to bed!

All in all we had a great trip to Colorado. Now that we live only 6 hours away from Denver we plan to go back when we can!


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