Friday, July 18, 2014

Colorado Springs: Olympic Training Center

I wasn't quiet sure if the kids would enjoy going on a tour of the Olympic Training Center, but Jocelyn really wanted to go, so we did.  Surprisingly enough we all really liked our time there and we got to see a lot of athletes in training.  The whole way the center is run is really fascinating.  I also got to replace my Salt Lake City t-shirt from 2002!  Yay!  But please note if you do visit they ONLY accept Visa....the official sponsor of the Olympic Games!  So bring cash if you don't have a Visa like me!

The landscaping was really pretty there!  The boys liked the pond:)
My sweet!
Can anyone spot a familiar sponsor for the Olympic shooting sports?  Hint--look for the red H!
One of the weight lifters
They were taking down the volleyball nets, but this is where the team practices.  They also hold several camps over the summer.
This is where the athletes live and eat.
The wrestling area
We got to watch a few gymnasts do their thing.
The new weight room.
There were a few interactive things for the kiddos.

 If you are in the Colorado Springs area, I would highly recommend taking a tour of this facility!

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