Thursday, July 17, 2014

Colorado Springs- Garden of the Gods and more!

If you have never taken a trip to Colorado-- it is a place that you need to add to your bucket list of places to visit.  It is great in the fall, summer, and winter.  My all time favorite time to go is in the summer because I love waterfalls and all of the green from the mountains!

Sean and I typically head to the Rocky Mountain region near Breckenridge and Vail area, however this year we decided to tackle Colorado Springs, South of Denver.  We also had a few extra people in tow this time-- all of the kiddos and my parents RV'ed along.  They stayed in the RV with the kids, while Sean and I tent camped next door.  We only did this for the first four nights before heading to Denver for two more nights. 

We stayed at the Garden of the Gods RV resort.  I really liked the place...for the most part.  There was quiet a bit to do for the kids.  Two pools, a playground, game room, ice cream socials....  The only complaint I would have is that everyone was packed in there like sardines and when you tent camp, you hear everything...including people getting there late at night and drunk/high loud people within feet of your tent.  Lovliness.

We visited several of Colorado Springs hot spots, so over the next few weeks I will highlight some of the places that we enjoyed.  Such a pretty region of our country!....AND we got out right in time.  The day we left the area where we stayed had some major flash flooding and lots of hail damage to cars!

Our first stop was Garden of the Gods!  Oh so pretty!  We could have hiked and hiked for hours.  It was pretty hot the day we visited and my mom can't see all that well, so we didn't drag the kids to far.  We also saw quiet a few mountain climbers, which was pretty cool.

More to come on:  Olympic Training Center, Focus of the Family headquarters, Helen Hunt Falls, Red Rock Canyon, River Rafting, Royal Gourge, Pikes Peak, Manitou Springs, Rocky Mountain National Forrest, and Cliff Dwellings...whew...we were busy!!

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