Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back from vacation...and just plain tired!

I knew this would happen...we get back from vacation and I have no energy to why not update my blog.  I can't wait for nap time today...I might just join in!

I took the girls to California this past weekend to visit some friends and of course visit Disneyland and the beach.  We had a great time....despite Katelyn being sick the entire time.  I had prayed and prayed that everyone would stay healthy.  I tried to be so careful with what we did the week before, but apparently I wasn't careful enough.  I ended up taking her to the emergicare on Sunday night and sure enough she had an ear infection and major cold/conjustion.  They gave us some horrible medicine and that only helped a little.  Anyways, this first post is just about our first 2 day(s) and our last day.  I will do another post tomorrow on Disneyland and on Friday a post about our Princess lunch.  Enjoy!

The girls getting ready for the first flight...happy at the beginning...Katelyn was sobbing at the end.  Her little ears hurt so bad.  Poor little girl.
We visited Casey's Cupcakes in downtown Riverside.   As you can see by the sign she was the Food Networks 2011 Cupcake Wars Winner...and her cupcakes were really yummy!  I enjoyed it...the girls barely touched there's.  I knew that would happen...but we had a good visit there.
Walking through the Mission Inn...what a beautiful hotel in Riverside!
Kid size palm trees!

Balboa Pier
                            Video of the beach!  The girls absolutely loved the ocean!

Collecting a few seashells!
Visiting Newport Pier on our last day to shop and watch surfers!

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