Friday, September 23, 2011

A pretty productive school week...but not a lot to report!

This week was our first full week of school!  We have been going at it for quiet some time, but we have been busy with lots of other fun things.  Ok...we weren't home every day and we still aren't doing school on Friday...but we didn't have any major commitments.  I didn't take very many pictures...sorry for the visual people!  I did document one of my girls' favorite games.  Enjoy!

We didn't have a memory verse this week, but we discussed the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible.  You can read about him in Luke 19.  We also studied what "acceptance" means...for example we may not always agree with what mom or dad say, but we are to accept what they are telling us...children obey your parents...etc. :)

Favorite Activities for the week (according to my kids):
       Minute to Win It!-- We played this several times and my girls always beg to play it.  I should maybe think of something else fun to play.  I called off some of their spelling and reading words and they had a minute to spell as many words as they could.

They also wanted to have a tower building Easton could participate.  Katelyn was smart..she use their bed for a little support...Jocelyn caught on...little cheaters I guess!

       Co-op!-- A few local friends and I started a little co-op.  We had our first meeting on Wednesday.  My friend Megan started the year off by teaching the kids about patience.  My girls failed big time...she tested their patience by asking if they wanted 1 cookie now or wanted to wait a little bit and they could get 2 girls apparently were too hungry to wait.  Their excuse was they didn't want two.  So I guess we need to work a bit on patience.  They did a few other fun activities with their friends that morning.  Next month is my turn to teach and plan a field trip!!

     Kids in the Kitchen:  You can read about what we did in my yesterday's post!  Every day my girls are eager to help out in the it!!

     b's & d's.  b's & d's are extremely frustrating for me right now....probably for my girls as well.  Both of them...more so Jocelyn, struggle with identifying the difference from the lowercase forms of these two letters.  We have done everything that I can think of...right now...writing them over and over again...thinking of tricks/tips to remember which one has the line that comes first...this week I had the girls go around with their notebooks and write down words that they could find that started with a "b".  Of course all of their words were correct, but they are still if you have any tips...I would love to hear your ideas! 

Well that is it for this week...we did a lot, but not a lot to report I guess!  I hope you  had a nice week...I am thinking we will have maybe one day of real girls are getting educated on to behave at airports and in an airplane, what the ocean and a real beach looks like, Riverside Oranges, how to remain calm in a real traffic jam, how to successfully eat a cupcake from a winner of cupcake wars..and to dine like a princess in Disneyland...stay tuned...I can't wait!

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  1. Great job! I really admire those who homeschool and wish that I had the discipline to do it! I keep telling my husband that I am going to just do it..hmmm

  2. You're off to a Great start!

    Stopping by via Friday's Blog Hop and your newest Follower :) Have a Great Weekend!

    ~ Jill