Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kids in the kitchen...last week of apples...I promise...maybe.

If you have been following my kids in the kitchen posts for the past few weeks, you are probably sick of hearing about our apples.  We have a lot of apples here...and I am kind of sick of them too.  I have been trying to pass them out to friends, family, and neighbors...but we still have a ton left for us.

This week we ended up making more strawberry applesauce and froze them in ice cube trays (prefect for hot oatmeal) and apple crisp.  You can find the recipe for the crisp here.  The girls LOVED it.  LOVED it.  They both had 3 servings.  Here are few pictures from our time together in the kitchen...and our final results.

We enjoyed another breakfast cooked by Jocelyn and enjoyed our apple butter from last week!

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