Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Catching up with the book club....are you kidding me?

I know...two posts in a row about the book club I joined for the book Season's of a Mother's Heart by Sally Clarkson.  If you missed my last post you can read it: here.  I realized I wasn't too far behind the others and I am now caught up with everyone else!

I am scared to read on.  Well actually I am eager to keep reading, but I was kind of sick to my stomach about the last chapter I read.  I got it. I completely agreed with what the author said...but I am not sure how I am going to implement part of it.  The timing isn't right for us right now.

Quote from the book:  "When I let my well run dry, I am no longer able to be a source of refreshing water to them (our kids) or to others in my life.  To say it more simply, I cannot keep giving out without taking in." (pg. 58)

I make time for God in my life.

I think I do an o.k. job at this, but definitely need improvement.  Our schedule has changed a bit from last year and I am now using part of nap time in the afternoon to teach Jocelyn one-on-one.  I have usually an hour to hour and half to get things done while the little ones are napping.  I try to squeeze in cleaning, dinner, blogging, and reading during this time.  The first two are usually the priority...the second two are only done if I have time.  Sometimes I have to wait until 8:30pm...when my mommy shift is over for the day to read and blog.

If I don't make time for God in my life...reading the Bible, praying with our kids and for our kids, teaching our kids about God's word and about Christ, how do I expect them to do the same as they grow up.  How will they know how to walk with God?  If they don't see it as a priority why would they care?  Yes we go to church, but that shouldn't be the only time that our kid's hear the word of God preached.  Are you making God a priority in your life and helping your kids' make it a priority in theirs? 

I make time for myself in my life.  

This is where I struggle.  I can't really figure out how to do this very well.  My kids aren't old enough to watch themselves.  I am still in search of finding a babysitter...but because we live in no-where-ville that is easier said than done.  I don't want to overwhelm my husband with the kid duties, because he already has enough on his plate with work....(and he has a big task coming up next week of watching the boys by himself for 4 nights and 3 1/2 days!!!)  Thank goodness for my parents...they do watch the kids every so often so my husband and I can get away together.  So right now I will take that as making time for myself in my life.  Yes, I do dream of the day that I can sit at Barnes & Noble reading without interruption or catching up with friends (without kids). For now, the only steady time I have by myself is at the YMCA.

I make time for friends in my life.

On average I go out with friends once every year.  I know sad, but I will take it.  I wish I could go out more (without worrying about the mommy part), but for now I will take once a year if it doesn't put added stress on my family and others.   So do play dates with kids count?  If so, yes I do make time for friends in my life.  If not...then I don't.  Trust me, if I would if I could.  I want to.  It is just a hard thing to do with the little ones.  Part of me also feels bad because my husband doesn't have anyone around here that he can just call up and ask if they want to hang out, or go hunting with, or fishing.  So part of the making friends in my life, is me feeling guilty for having friends that I can spend time with.

So there you have it.  I am now caught up on the book club:)  Definitely some things that I need to pray about that I am struggling with.  Stay tuned for next week's reflection on chapter 4!  You can read other book club members' reflections over at my friend Erin's blog: Home with the Boys!  Everyone links up on Fridays!

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  1. I totally understand where you are coming from, I am right there with you! It wasn't until recently that I started making friends and now I am too broke to go out. I also feel guilty about leaving hubs at home with kiddos considering he is the one now working for both of us and wants to relax alone too (of course he's the one telling me I need alone time or the being at home and homeschooling will never work). Well you can check out my post Glad you are caught up looking forward to reading your post next week.