Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kids in the kitchen....the grossest yogurt smoothie ever!

It has been a busy couple of weeks and I believe a while since I wrote on what are kids are up to in the kitchen.  We had something come through our house in a viral form for my two boys and my husband and cooking and snacks were kind of bland.  Nothing really exciting.  This week we all seem to be on the mend and are getting back into the swing of things.  
The main thing that my kids worked on were yogurt smoothies.

I made up my own recipe:
-Frozen strawberries
-Cup of Yogurt
-TBSP of sugar

This was just about the grossest thing I have tasted!  It reminded me of one of those horrible nutritional drinks that you force yourself to drink...and then it leaves you with a horrible after taste.  I took two sips and just about threw up.  Mine went into the sink...the kids LOVED their's and were begging for more.  I guess they could have drank mine.  Oh well...

I asked my husband Sean where he thought I went wrong...not to brag...well ok, I will, but Sean knows everything about ingredient combo's, cooking, etc...he thinks the yogurt had enough milk in it, that I didn't need to add it separately. 

We did have a few mishaps while making the yogurt below!:)  
Katelyn adding yogurt...probably should have moved the blender closer to her....
oops!  Patience and deep breathes (from me) along the way!
Jocelyn adding strawberries
Easton is our button pusher
A few other things we worked on: 

The girls helped me with breaded chicken and oven roasted potatoes.  Katelyn was in charge of dipping the chicken in butter and rolling it in bread crumbs and spices.  She did a pretty good job.

Jocelyn was in charge of making sure the potatoes were all coated in oil and spices.

The girls also made one of our favorite lunches-- ramon noodles (and included flavoring powder), two eggs (beat), and mushrooms.  They just gobble this egg drop soup right up!

What kind of things do you like to do with your kids in the kitchen?  I am always looking for more ideas!

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