Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birthday celebration in Missouri!

Part of my husband's family lives in South Central Missouri.  We love it down there and if it wasn't for my husband's job, my parents, and church we would move down there in a heartbeat.  We always enjoy visiting everyone and watching the kids play with their cousins.  Because it is becoming a bit harder to travel with 4 little ones we don't go as often, but when we do, we always enjoy our time visiting.  Sean's family planned a combo birthday party for all four of our kids.  The kids all had a good time and of course enjoyed the cake and presents! (thank you for doing know who you are:)) 
The cake--isn't it just about the cutest thing?
Jocelyn and her cousin
All of the cousins age 9 and under
All smiles!
Blowing out the candles
Opening presents
One of my favorite sister-in-laws with the babies of the family
My messy little guy

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