Monday, March 19, 2012

Elephants, bears, and horses...oh my!

I am excited to report that I attended my very first circus!! Woo hoo!!  Oh and the kids tagged along with me:) We were all really excited about going!  Sean (my husband) was excited as well...until he had to be out of!!  So my aunt met us downtown and helped me corral the kids as they were OVERLY excited to be there!  I knew this little adventure would quickly add up...and since Sean wasn't there...I knew I would be in cheapskate each of the kids fetched $10 out of their piggy banks so they could buy something at the show.
Here the kids are riding pictures were really blurry as the spotlights were crazy bright!  So here is a blurry one of Katelyn.  Jocelyn really wanted to ride the elephant...but it was $10 and since that is all she had, she had to opt for another entertainment option.
We then found our seats and the kids scarfed down their sno-cones and cotton well as my aunts popcorn.  I was sure they were going to be sick that night.
Then we enjoyed the show!

My favorite part was watching the kids reactions to everything...priceless!

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