Monday, March 26, 2012

Field Trippin to our State Capitol!

I started a little homeschool meet-up group a few months ago...which I am still really excited about...this month I coordinated a field trip to the Nebraska State Capitol.  My oldest (6 years old) enjoyed the field trip.  My 3 & 4 year old thought it was we will have to go back when they are older and get it.  The tour guide was very interactive with the kids.  I also had a nice time chatting with some of the other moms.   Funny thing that I found least 4 of us were former public school teachers. 

Here is a little picture recap of our morning!

The kids pretending they were sowers (like the one on top of our capitol)
The capitol is quiet beautiful!
Where our state legislators meet!
Our Supreme Court
Easton looking down from the 14th floor!
Katelyn doing rubbings on the floor with crayons.
Jocelyn and friends
My little guy running the halls
Jocelyn counting the stairs out front...there are 48 total!
My kiddos in front of the capitol
3 of my goofballs!

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