Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What are our digits?

I taught Jocelyn our address and phone numbers a few years back, but realized I haven't worked on it with Katelyn--at all-- and Jocelyn definitely needed a refresher.  I get a little nervous when we are out and about...what if they get lost and needed to call my cell number to find me...what if they get really lost and need to tell someone our address to find their way home...lets hope those scenarios don't ever happen, but you just never know.  We have had a few close calls with our soon to be 3 year old can read about one:  HERE.  Totally scary!  I do have ID bracelets for the kids but we don't require them to put them on unless we are at some big event.

Anyways, this week we worked on our address, home phone number, and my cell number.  I still need to teach them my husband's phone number.  All of these numbers are getting confusing for our little 4 year old, but she seems to be keeping up.  We have played several different games to help her memorize them and she has beat her older sissy in almost all of them.  We also learned a catchy little song to memorize our phone number.

Katelyn writing down our information
Jocelyn doing the same.

I then timed them to see how fast they could organize cards to form our information

We had to do a tie breaker...writing our phone number the fastest (and correctly)--Katelyn won!
Katelyn practicing called our home phone successfully!

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