Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun with our Bears!

The kids (and I) learned all about bears this past week in school.  They were really they treasure their stuffed animals.  I dislike greatly these little furry friends.  I ran across a cute little unit from:  Fun in First Grade that I thought I would try.  The kids LOVED it!
We did several activities relating to bears.  We read several books and talked about the differences between polor bears and grizzly bears. 

The girls wrote down several adjectives describing their teddy bears.
 Easton just traced his hands.
 We compared and contrasted the girls teddy bears with real grizzly bears.

The girls made little identification charts about their bears (like they do at Build-a-Bear).  They had to measure their bear, name it, describe it etc.

 The kids and I guessed how many gummy bears were in this cup
 and charted our results. 
 I was the I got to eat them all!  Ok...only joking.  Weston had a hard time during this activity...he kept grabbing the bears off of the table.  I was afraid he was going to choke.  He was a pretty unhappy camper.

We then sorted out the different colors and graphed our results.

 That's all folks!

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