Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My little bookworms!

~~ Sorry for the lack of posts to my dedicated readers (my parents).  It seems like things have been non-stop here.~~

Spring is here...a bit early...I am tempted to pull out the kids' summer clothes, but then I remember we live in Nebraska and could have a freak snowstorm in April! 

The kids have kept me busy with school.  I look forward to each new day...their minds are like little sponges.  Jocelyn finished her Hooked on Phonics reading program and has moved onto reading comprehension activities.  Katelyn has started her 3rd out of 5 boxes of the program.  I am thinking she might catch up to Jocelyn by the time she is through with kindergarten.  Technically age wise she is still in preschool.  Her motivation for reading is extremely high and I am excited to watch her learn new things every day.  Jocelyn could do with out reading.  She will do it, but if given a choice to skip reading, she would definitely skip it.  Katelyn on the other hand would probably cry if I said we would skip it. 

Anyways, I came across the idea of rewarding the girls for reading on Pinterest:  HERE.  I didn't use this bloggers exact idea, but it got my mind going on the idea of being a bookworm.  I created a punch card for each girl. 

If they read a book--separate from their reading program-- and at their age level they get a punch.  Once they get 10 punches on their worm, they are rewarded with a little bag of gummy worms. 
 They are super excited and are racing each other to get their bag of worms!

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