Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How about Geography for 4?!

I decided to put together a little Jeopardy game for the girls to play during school.  They had no clue what Jeopardy I had a little explaining to do.  I decided to put single point values of 1-4 under each category...instead of the common 100's.
 I just thought that would be easier for both of them to understand.  I did not have preselected questions, because depending on who chose the question, the difficulty level would be different.  I didn't want Jocelyn to have an advantage with easier questions that were suitable for Katelyn. 

I had four categories:  Spelling, Reading, Math, and Geography.

For spelling I called out a word that was in their last Spelling unit and they had to spell it correctly.  If they got it wrong, the other person would have a shot.
For Reading, I had them read a sentence that I made up (example below of two of Katelyn's sentences) or I would have them read two sentences out of a book.  If they got all of the words right without any help, they would get the points.
For Math, I would either give them an addition or subtraction problem, or have them add up money.

For Geography, Jocelyn cleared that board right away-- apparently she loves geography!  Her 4 questions were-- What is the term of where a river ends?  Name 3 out of 4 oceans.  Name 4 out of 7 continents.  What are the three largest countries in North America? 
All in all the girls loved the game...until the end and Jocelyn got her spelling word wrong and Katelyn stole it from her and got it in the end Katelyn won by 1 point and Jocleyn is a really sore she didn't take the news well.  Weston was there to pick up her tears...I should have gotten a was so sweet...but major attitude adjustments going on after the game.  Such is life!

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  1. LOVE this! I'm going to do one for Kam. We may make it a family night though, as he doesn't have a sibling to play with!