Monday, March 5, 2012

What to eat on the weekend!!

Maybe it is just me...maybe it is a personal problem that I have, but the last thing I want to do on the weekends is spend all day in the kitchen cooking.  Is it just me?  Ok...good.  I was hoping not. 

After planning 5 meals out for the family for weeknights and then lunches of course since we are home during the day...that equals 10 meals that I am responsible for serving up.  Oh and then we have the weekends.  We have potluck after church on Sundays...and then our family has to eat during normal weekend meal times.  We can't just there are three more potluck food.  So on Saturdays it feels like I am in the kitchen ALL day....and some days I actually am depending on what we are having.  So on Sundays...I am wiped.  I decided a few weeks back that I am going to take it easy on Sunday nights and have breakfast type foods.  My husband isn't a fan of having breakfast foods for dinners....but he has been a good sport trying out some new recipes...his other option I guess is to thanks hon for being a good sport.

Here are few good recipes I have tried recently.  I will include a recipe and a picture (with photo credit). 

Santa Fe Breakfast Ring:  Recipe Here!
Photo courtesy: recipe link!!
This has been our favorite so far...and it was soooooooo easy to make!  Right up my alley!  4 ingredients and whoola it is ready to put in the oven!! 

Bacon Quiche:  Recipe Here!

These were so, so.  We weren't too crazy about the Bisquick type crust.
The picture is mine-- I always try to include cinnamon rolls and strawberries!

Cheddar Bacon Quiche:  Recipe Here!  (I left out the onions)
This one was better than the previous recipe.  Will probably try this one again sometime soon!
Photo from
 I would like to try something with broccoli in it...would that be breakfast then?  or maybe spinach....but then the entire family would probably reject it.

Let me know what your favorite egg casserole recipe is!  What do you do on the weekends?  I can't wait until my kids can make more than sandwiches and eggs!:) 

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