Monday, April 26, 2010

Trying to pick a vacation spot for this year?

I have traveled quiet a bit...I love traveling and going on vacations. As a kid we would take two weeks-- and drive for what seemed like forever to get to Disney World, Washington DC, and Niagara Falls. During my teaching days I took my students to Nashville (love that place), Orlando, Anaheim, Louisville, KY, Minneapolis and so on. My hands down favorite place that I have visited (and keep visiting) is Branson, Missouri! Yes you read that right Branson, Missouri! You might be thinking oh my goodness isn't that a place where old people hang out? Well yes, there is a bit of that, but I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! My grandma and grandpa used to live down there so I have quiet a few childhood memories from there. Now my husband's family lives in that direction, so we have chosen it a few times for our vacation destination.
Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose to go to Branson for your next family vacation: (word of warning-- the town virtually shuts down-- January-March and is a ghost town--so don't go during that time)
1. Silver Dollar City:
There are several amusements parks in Branson, however this is by far my favorite. It is great, great place for the family. Depen
ding on the time of year there are different themes that run through out the park. There are lots of rides for kids--and if they are tall of enough they can go on the adult rides (Jocelyn went for the first time before her 3rd birthday and passed the height requirements!). They also have a really neat culinary school that I have yet to visit. I would choose to go to this park any day over Disney World. If you plan on visiting more than once, it is well worth it to buy a season pass for the family.2. Shopping!!
I love to shop! I love outlet shopping even more! They have a wonderful Tangier outlet mall that features some of my favorite stores
-- Gymboree Outlet, Old Navy Outlet, and the GAP outlet-- (just to name a few). I could spend all day there and probably spend way too much money! But this is by far my favorite place to shop. They also have a downtown area called the Landing. This is on Lake Taneycomo. This is a little more upscale area, but there are some good restaurants, a great kids area, and a really cool fire and water show in the summer time.3. Table Rock Lake!!
One of our favorite family activities is spending time on the lake. We like to park our boat in a cove and get away from the lake cr
owd. The water is not filthy green (like here in Nebraska). You will not come out smelling like algae! If you don't have a boat, you can enjoy the lake by Riding the Ducks or taking a dinner cruise on the Branson Belle. There are also a few public beaches, but the best one we have found is Moonshine Beach. There is a small fee to enter, but it is really clean and has a nice picnic shelter.4. The people!!
Ok yes there are some old people that visit Branson, but it is really a family place. The people are by far some of the most pleasant people to be around. Especially at Silver Dollar City. Everyone is respectful and they always put you number one when you are visiting.
5. The scenery!!
If you travel down what is called "the strip" you will spend a lot of time sitting in traffic staring at pools and hotels and little gift shops. If you go outside of the main drag, you can see great views of the tree lined hills and the lakes. There are some absolutely breathtaking scenes.

I am sure I am missing quiet a few aspects of what makes Branson, Missouri my number one pick for a vacation spot.(shows, food, and lots of other activities)..but it is only a days drive away from Omaha/Lincoln area...consider making that your next vacation spot!

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