Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summertime BINGO!!

My goal is to keep my kids minds going during the summer.  I have quiet a few things on my bucket list to check off, however on the days that we are home, I want them to keep them busy.  To help with the boredom...I created a little summertime BINGO game that the kids will be playing.

They each have a personalized BINGO card.  I based their tasks on their ability levels, so it varies depending on the child.  Jocelyn is going to be 7 and Katelyn 5.  Easton is 3.  Weston is just along for the ride...and will be the designated mess maker:)

They will have 25 tasks to complete during the summer.  Each time the complete a task, they will get a sticker to cover up that completed task.  Once they reach a BINGO, they get a prize ticket.  They can redeem this ticket when we are at the grocery store.  These prizes are sugar based and items that we never buy unless it is a really, really special occasion like a friend spending the night or something.

The big prize will be rewarded when they complete all 25 tasks.  That will be going on a date with a parent...without a sibling.

The kids are all really excited about this game...can't wait to see the progress they have made by the end of the summer!

Feel free to steal the idea!  

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