Monday, July 2, 2012

A few 4th of July treats!

We aren't going anywhere on the 4th this year that would require me to make food, so I took advantage of our weekly church potluck to make some red-white-and blue goodies.  I had so many ideas in my head, but decided I needed to narrow my list down to three treats.  Thank you once again Pinterest for some great ideas!  My ideas came from this website:  Six Sister's Stuff and then there are links to other great recipes from there.  The girls were wonderful helpers!

The first thing we made was a layered Red, white, and blue jello.  We topped it off with cool whip, strawberries, and blue berries.  There are quiet a few recipes out there to get the middle layer white.  We used 1- 3 oz package of lemon jello &1 cup of boiling water mixed together.  We then mixed that with 8 oz of creamed cream cheese.  We folded in a smaller tub of cool whip and whoola-- you have a white jello mixture.  It took a little over an hour for each layer to set....and boy was it yummy!

The second was also a great-- easy little recipe.  We just made a white cake-- but separated the cake into 3 bowls and mixed red food coloring in one bowl, and blue in the other.  We layered the mixture in a bundt pan to get the inside red, white, blue look.  Once cool, we microwaved the frosting and drizzled it all over.  I wish I had food coloring that would make a pure red and blue color, instead of pastel, but I think it turned out ok...and once again...yummy!!!

The last was the easiest.  We just melted white almond bark and dipped half of a strawberry in it.  We then rolled the strawberry in blue sugar.  We had a little bit of almond bark left over so we dipped pretzel sticks in it.
Have a nice, safe, 4th of July holiday! 

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