Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A little birthday fun!

** First I need to announce the winners of my last weeks contest...thank you to Michele & Heidi for entering!  Realized after I posted that I actually made 2 extra sets...so each of you won!!!  Congratulations**  I will send you an e-mail!

Back to the topic at hand.  Jocelyn had her birthday last week and she really wanted to go to Chuck-e-Cheese.  Sean and I just rolled ours eyes...and hoped she would change her mind.  She was pretty adamant about it.  We held our breathe thinking that this would be a night were we just hope for the best and glad we got it over type of event.  I was not looking forward to the craziness of a place like this.  All of the kids running around...screaming.  Nasty pizza.  Paying a million dollars and in return the kids get a piece of candy and pencil for a prize. 

Well I was kind of wrong...on all levels.

I found a coupon.  Thank goodness for coupons.  It was good for a large pizza, 4 pops, and 40 tokens for less than $30.00.  I could handle that.  Not the million dollars I was expecting!

The pizza...it was pretty decent.  

The tokens...turned from 40 to 60 (because it was Jocelyn's birthday...and I had another coupon)...then turned to 80 because their cash register wasn't working right when I ordered.

The atmosphere was pretty calm...not a lot of kids running around besides ours.  I guess when it is the first day of school in town people don't go out...on a Tuesday night?:) 

The games...were the typical games that you see in these type of venues.  Some gave out tickets in you spinned a certain number etc.  Some were just to ride on.  All in all the kids had a really good night....and I think Sean and I did too!

Video of the girls receiving their flowers:

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