Monday, August 27, 2012

Little recap of our first week of school!

Last week was our first week of school!  I was really excited...the kids were only a teeny bit excited.  I knew once we started they would be fine...and sure enough...they were!  We had a really good week.  I feel like we got a lot done...even though I didn't throw in any electives quiet yet.  I have a schedule that we kind of follow. I am really not a "follow a written down schedule" type of person...but at least I have it posted for a guide in case we get lost.  :) I am still trying to find time for ME during the day.  Didn't seem to happen at all last week.  My goal this week:  to find that time!:)  I guess that is part of homeschooling since there are no breaks from the kiddos, so I will take that!

Here is a little picture recap of how our week went!!
It says Preschool on top...bad lighting!
Just my little tot...he did such a good job at coloring...didn't he?:)
Jocelyn starting 2nd grade:)
Katelyn starting kindergarten...bad lighting again! 

We started off our first day of school with a big breakfast...eggs, sausage, juice, and this delight....strawberry lemon bread thingy.  It was really good!  Recipe is:  HERE!
The three older kids watching their first episode of What's in the Bible.  It discussed what the Bible is and talked about the different parts and books in the Bible.  Want to earn a 20% discount on the DVD's that my kiddos are watching this year?  Click: HERE!
The girls played a little review game.  I gave them cards with different random answers...they each got all of the answers correct!
The girls are learning the books of the Bible.  This is a picture of them trying to find the sticks that match up to Genesis-Lamentations.  They love this little activity and are having fun memorizing the books' names!
The kids painted a picture of what they think they look like...pretty cute!  We hung them on one of the walls in our school room!
 The boys are expected to sit on a mat and play with toys, activities, or busy bags.  I have had to swap them out a little more than I would have liked, but they are doing pretty well.  In this picture Easton is playing with magnet people and Weston is matching up a foam puzzle.

One of the noodle busy bags!
Weston on my iPad!
Weston using his bucket for a hat!
and just plain bored with his legos I guess!
Jocelyn reading a library book
Jocelyn's new math program: Teaching Textbooks grade 3.  She really likes it...and so do I!
Jocelyn taking her spelling pretest on my iPad.  I recorded myself saying each of her spelling words and she listens at her own pace.
Jocelyn snapped a picture of Katelyn reading a story to me from her Hooked on Phonics book.  She learned the long A and I words this week!
I was quizzing Katelyn on her spelling words using magnets!
Katelyn using cubes for her Math lesson.
Easton working on his mommy & daddy letters (uppercase).  He learned his lowercase last year, so this year we are going to work on his uppercase letters and review the sounds.  I use our dry erase board for this. Pencil and paper don't seem to interest him too much.
Easton playing a matching game.

and that is all that I have.  I missed a lot of fun moments.  We took 3 bike rides during our P.E. time.  It was such a beautiful week.  We sewed.  We read a lot.  We prayed a lot.  We made a dining room set for the girls' American girl dolls.  Such a busy week...but glad to be back into the swing of things!!

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  1. Your day looks great! I love the idea of the rotating busy bags.

    Your children are just beautiful, too.