Thursday, August 16, 2012

Part 2: Week 6: Getting Ready for School to begin for my preschooler and tot!

This past week my friend Latrice hosted a Busy Bag Swap party at her house.  I was unable to attend because it was on the same night as Jocelyn's birthday...but I was still able to participate!!  Seven of us made busy bags for ages 18 months-3 years old and 3 year-5 year olds.  I am not sure what age group each bag was supposed to go I am combining them all into the same post.

These busy bags are all super easy to make at home!  If you didn't read my yesterday's post to see how I am going to use HERE

 At the end of the post you will have the opportunity to win the 2 busy bags that I created!!!

Oh...and I don't know who made what...I only know three of the ladies...Christina, Kendra, and unfortunately I can't give credit where credit is due...but thanks for the bags ladies!!

Pool Noodles!  Cut them up and the kids can string them through the cord.  My boys will LOVE this!
 Sensory bags!  These are filled with all sorts of different items.  The kids can try to guess what is in them or just use them like stress reliever balls!
Puzzles!  Someone glued a picture from a magazine and pasted it on craft sticks!  Great idea!
 Little felt shapes can be laced through the ribbon!
 I made something similar before our busy bag party...still lots of fun for the kids!
 Lacing foam animals!  Easton will LOVE this!
 Touch cards!  I actually photographed only 1/2 of these.  These cards each have matches to them.  The kids can play all sorts of games like putting the other set of cards in a bag and trying to match it to the cards they can't see.  You can also talk about different textures of the cards!
 Felt faces!  They can make all sorts of faces!
Clothes Pin Number Match!  There is also a back to this card.  The kids match the number on the clothes pin with the number of dots on the card! 
 Play-do fun!  There are different pictures and the kids can add to the pictures using play-do!

 Sticker match game!  Each card has a pattern and the kids use the extra stickers to recreate the patterns!
 Straw in a hole!  The kids will stick a straw in a hole.  Doesn't sound too exciting??  Give a little one this...they LOVE it!

 These next two are mine and you have a chance to win one of each!!!

Fishing!  Each fish has a magnet inside...the kids can pretend to go fishing!

 Pipe Cleaner Creations!  There are 8 different shapes...the kids use the pipe cleaners to form the shapes on the cards!

So how do you win the last two?

All you need to do is write a comment about which one is your favorite busy bag activity (from yesterday's post or todays)...that is it!

If you can't figure out how to comment on this big deal...e-mail me at or send me a message on facebook if we are friends!  I can add a comment in for you!

Winners will be selected Saturday evening August 18th at 9:00PM CST. 

Don't forget to include your name!!!!  One winner will be selected!


  1. My favorite, because it would be my sons favorite for sure is the fishing game! Love all of these ideas though. Pick me!

  2. My sons would love the fishing game as well but I think that they are all pretty neat and a good way to keep the little guys busy!