Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 5: Preparing for School to Begin!

Over the past few weeks I have been sharing with you how I am preparing for the start of the new school year!  We will be starting in 2 weeks....and I AM SO EXCITED!!! 

Last year we did school in our toy room upstairs, but all of the toys drove me bonkers!  This year we will be doing school mostly in our basement.  We will still do a lot of things around the kitchen table and in the kitchen...but most of our school things have been moved downstairs.  I like this new arrangement because I can now easily access things after the kids go to bed...the old set-up had me having to walk through the girls' room and walk-in closet to get to the toy room.  Here is a little tour around the area!! 

Here is one side of the school room!  I was thinking about moving the futon up to the toy room, but it will be a nice comfy spot for us to read and for me to sit!!
This is where I am storing most of our current curriculum.  Each of the girls have a shelf with their books.  We use the dry erase board a lot and it is at a good height for the kiddos!
A closer look!
Cans, scrapbook paper and glue...and whoola!
A little canvas me!
The totes are filled with all sorts of fun toys for the boys during their quiet mat time!
A look inside the closet.  Lots of fun activities waiting to be played with!
I order wipes in bulk from Amazon and they give me a new wet wipes container with each purchase...they have come in quiet handy for school storage...there are even more fun things behind these pictured!
Easton's desk!

This was another thing I found on Pinterest...painted a yard stick yellow and attached some clips (that were painted to match the other wall)...I will hang the kids artwork on this fun little thing!
For now it just holds old pics of the girls!
 This is outside of the school room.  A little corner with a computer for the kids, keyboard and laptop.  We also have to bar stools and a desk for the girls to do their work at!

   What fun things are you doing to get ready for the new school year?

Stay tuned for next week....lots and lots of ideas for the little ones....some from me...and some from 7 other moms!!


  1. What a fun and colorful room! Have a great school year.

    God Bless,

  2. Love it!! Great colors and so organized! Thanks for sharing. Blessings for a great school year.

  3. Love the color blocking on the wall. Good idea to use scrapbook paper on those cans. Looks good.