Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer racing!

This past spring I decided that I would start running.  I have never been a runner.  I have never been able to run a mile without stopping.  I was always one of the last one's in when doing the timed mile in PE class.  Running just isn't my thing.  My goal was to run 1 mile straight in 10 minutes without stopping by the end of the summer.  Well I am happy to say that I can run 1 mile straight.  The 10 minutes...not so much...still 1 minute off of that.  I can actually run 2 miles straight!!  I want to see if I can go further, but haven't been able to really test that out yet.  I need to get away from this hilly village we live in and get on some trails someday!  Evenings are tough because my husband doesn't get home until close to 7pm.  By the time I feed him dinner and the get the kids ready for bed it is dark.  I might try for a morning....just have to force myself to get up before 6am, so I can get back in time for my husband to get to work.  Excuses...excuses...I know!  So maybe one of these days.

I participated in 3 organized runs this past summer.  They were sooooo much fun!  The first one was the Havelock charity run.  It was only a 3K and I ran the entire thing.  I was so proud of myself and I beat my goal time by 3 minutes.  I was still slow compared to others, but I had a lot of fun!

The next was the Color 5k Run in Omaha.  I had in my head that I would run the entire thing...but wasn't able to.  The million degree weather and the hills...oh my gosh the hills.  So I walked/ran with a few friends.  It was still a ton of fun!!

My last for the year was the Lincoln 5k Mud Run.  I also did it with a few friends.  I was all pumped up to go and then I saw pictures of the course on facebook and got just a wee bit scared.  But all in all it was a really fun course and I was able to do all of the obstacles.  The hardest part for me was going down the the end my tailbone hit some type of brick or something...ouch!! I believe I may have been the only one with a waterproof camera...stopping to take pictures along the way??:)
Nancy, Megan, and I!
The family...waiting to cheer me on!
Megan trying to get a crowd shot...with me in it!
One of the many hills!
This is from the newspaper...if you look closely at the can see my body!:)

One of the many mud pits!

After the first climbing wall!

Waiting to do the second climbing wall...I decided to do 20 pushups instead!
On the trail!
Over the barrels!
Nancy and I finishing...with all of the stops along the way...I think our time was 48 minutes.

Nancy and I post race!
Wendy & I post race!

These races were all really fun!  I can't wait to see what next year holds!!!

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  1. Fun! I am so proud of you!! And love the crowd shot from the Mud Run, man I'm good! :)