Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Snacks!!.....what we do.

In 2 1/2 weeks we will be in grandma-ville.  You know the world where your kids just don't listen because grandma will give them whatever they want.  We will be in grandma-ville for approximately 12 days.  In an RV.  With 4 kids.  3 adults.  For at least 40 hours (driving).  Doesn't that sound really exciting?  I am trying to have a positive attitude.  Help me out people with some words of encouragement!!  My hubby will not be coming with us...I do not understand why.  8 people in an RV...that would be fun!  I AM excited about the adventures once we are at various destinations...just a little nervous about a few other things.  One thing being snacks and food.  When we are at home, we are on a kids' bodies must be used to it...because they know they get breakfast.  Snack at 10am.  Lunch.  Snack around 3pm.  Dinner.  Snack at 7pm.  There are rarely any in betweens.  Rarely.  They don't get to have a free for all in the kitchen.  They are not allowed to just open up the fridge/cabinets to just help themselves.  Maybe when they are older...but they are not allowed yet.  They get one snack...not 3-4.  Their portions are controlled.  Our snacks are boring.  I try to spice things up at night...but boring throughout the day. 

So in a few weeks...we enter grandma-ville.  At grandma-ville there is an unlimited supply of food.  You can eat whenever and pretty much whatever you any given time.  (Granted most things that grandma have are healthy choices.) You say you are hungry for a second, third, and oh yes...fourth snack...sure have some more.  We can't possibly leave a child STARVING!  This is where I become nervous....this is where I have laid my foot down.  I have told grandma (we will see if she will follow my 1 rule) I am in charge of snacks.  She can feed them their bedtime snacks...but I am going to be packing 50 + snacks for the kiddos. So to practice at home, I thought I would get a jump start to see how this would work. 

Before school started back up I bought a variety of different (boring) snacks.  Ok...some are fun...I threw in a package of fruit snacks and pop tarts! give me some credit.  I prepacked the snacks into little baggies, containers, or just left them in their packaging.  Each child gets to have one of each of these snacks as the days progress...they may not have a second on any...if I gave Jocelyn a choice she would eat all 4 pop tarts and the other kids would never get any.  I will replace the snacks when they are all gone. I do throw in a few surprises now and then like fruit, yogurt, and things from the fridge. 

On our little RV adventure I will have a check list to keep track of my sneaky little kids snack intakes.  I think it will work...if I can get grandma on board:)  So far it is working at our house.  No more staring at the snack cabinet trying to decide where the snacks are and what their choices are.  No more packing snacks right before we go somewhere...I can just grab and go.  No more kids asking if they can have mom & dad's M&M's or rice krispy treats.  So good!

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