Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall photo session for the kids!

It hit me the other day....that oh my goodness our trees are almost bare and I haven't gotten fall photos of the kids!!  So I scrambled some outfits together and took advantage of a beautiful evening!  I am not a professional by any means...but they will do:)

Jocelyn picked her own poses and locations.....I think she did pretty good.  I can't believe how big she is getting....tear.

 Katelyn...she also picked her poses and locations....if you follow me on know that she is my little poser girl.  Can you believe she was grumpy during this photo session??

Easton is NOT a pro when it comes to taking photos...if we compare him to the girls.  So I just got a few of him.

and then there is my little guy Weston....he was so distracted by the pond and the other groups that were shooting...I got what I could:)

 eating grass...yum.
 Such a sweetheart.
 His hair blowing in the wind:)
 Sisters!  They spent a lot of time planning this:)
 Can you tell they are high up on a limb?  Wes is about to pull them all off...
All four!

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