Wednesday, October 3, 2012

RV trip of a lifetime (part 3)

If you missed my first two posts on our RV trip of a lifetime you can click: HERE (Part 1) & HERE (Part 2).

On our last day in the DC area we went to Chesapeake beach.  We woke up to a cool 50 degree day.  I still wanted to go and so did the kids.  I bundled them up.  Packed shorts...just in case...and we headed out there.  I could have taken 2 seconds to throw in their swimsuits...and didn't.  I figured since it was freezing cold the water would be cold as well. 

We got there and then sun was shining and it was BEAUTIFUL out!  Still a bit chilly...but the kids were begging to swim.  So I...yes gasp now...let me girls swim topless in just their shorts and the boys swam in their regular shorts.  They had SUCH A GOOD TIME!  I did too!  There was a nice long pier to walk on.  Cute little shops that my parents got a chance to visit.  Such a beautiful little beach town.  We pretty much had one side of the beach to was GREAT! 

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the kids here is what I have!

Later that evening we drove to the wharf and picked out some fresh crab legs, shrimp, and clam chowder....yum!

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