Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RV trip of a lifetime part 2!!

We had quiet a few things jammed packed during our Washington DC visit.  If you missed my first post you can go: HERE.

On our 3rd day my dad, sister, Jocelyn, and I went to a Washington Nationals game.  I had no clue that Washington DC had a team.  I guess they are pretty good.  Who knew??  You can tell I really follow baseball.  My dad was excited though. 

After the ballgame Dierks Bentley performed.  We enjoyed a few of his songs before taking off.  Can you see him on stage?  Some people paid an extra $20.00 to get onto the field.

On our 4th day we had a girls day.

My day started with running a 5k race to support cancer research.  The race was in Georgetown-- a really beautiful, upscale part of DC.  The path was straight and flat.  I ran the entire thing without stopping.  I was sooooo proud of myself.
While I was doing that, my sister took the girls over to pick up our yummy order from Georgetown Cupcakes...home of DC Cupcakes on the TLC network.  They were bummed that Sophie and Katherine were not there...who??? 

but the cupcakes were delish!! I ate probably 6 or so of these.
 After we finished up in Georgetown we took the girls to the American Girl doll store.  
 We bought Christmas and birthday gifts for the girls for the next 15 years.... and a high school graduation gift.  It is so easy to get carried away in that store.  It just SUCKS YOU IN.  Darn...it.  So the girls got their dolls ears pierced and picked out a few other items.

Their dolls going on a walk in their new outfits...we were at the mall and the girls got quiet a laugh from others.

 Stay tuned for more exciting posts from our RV trip!!


  1. Oh my, Dierks Bentleyyyyyyyyyy! I'm also a fan, Psalm. Have you heard his new song 'Am I the Only One'? If not, then suggest you listen to the song! Hmm on second thought, you should watch the video, it's much better, actually. I'm glad you and your family had a fun trip, Psalm!

    1. 'Am I the Only One' is one of my favorite songs now, Tia! :) Actually, I just bought an Iphone 4s, and it's number one on my playlist. :P It looks like you guys had a nice RV trip, Psalm! RV trips are great opportunities to bond with your kids, you know.