Thursday, October 4, 2012

RV trip of a lifetime-- Part 4

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After visiting Washington DC we headed down to Charlotte, NC to visit Sean's mom and sister.  We had a nice visit that evening with them.  We then headed to Chattanooga, TN!  We saw a bit of the Smokey Mountains...they were gorgeous by the way.  I would love to go back with Sean when the leaves are turning.  I guess that is a very popular place in the fall though.

The reason for our visit to Chattanooga is that one of my friends moved there this spring.  We visited them last year in California...exactly a year ago.  So we thought it would be nice to visit them at their new home....and to see what sites Chattanooga had to offer.  What a beautiful city!

Our first stop was Ruby Falls.  I just took the girls to this attraction.  My friend Emily brought her little girl AB.  (that is not her little girls name...I just forgot to ask permission to use her name.)  I really liked Ruby Falls.  The girls thought it was neat as well. We had to walk 1/2 mile through a cave before we got to the falls.

A view from the lookout...outside of Ruby Falls!
Video from Ruby Falls:

We then swung by the campground and picked up the boys and headed to the Chattanooga Incline Train.  All of the kids LOVED this attraction.  It is the highest incline in the USA apparently.  Maybe the steepest...I can't remember.

We then took a really, really, windy and dangerous road up to our friends house.  I can't believe people actually use this road to go to their homes.  It was crazy!  Here is a video from Chattanooga & Beyond of this crazy drive!

After we visited the train we waited for Emily's son to get out of school and headed to this amazing park.  I mean AMAZING.  You haven't visited a great park until you have visited this park.  There was everything you can possibly imagine a park having except for a merry-go-round...but that was totally fine with me.  There was a zip-line.  A huge slide. kids loved that park.  There was everything.  It was tucked in the woods and was just wonderful.

After our evening at the park we roasted some marshmallows and had smores...

and the kids built a fort out of logs.

Can you tell that we had a busy day?!:)  
Our last night was spent in Hartville visiting some more of Sean's family.  It was 12 hours on road to get there, but always worth the drive.

Tomorrow will be some pictures from the road and other various stops. 

The girls each had their own digital camera...I should see if they had any pictures worth I will share those as well (if there are any)

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